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Twitter Survey: What’s Wrong With Marketing? What’s Right?

We ask a lot of questions here. And sometimes we throw them out on to the internet. And sometimes we use Twitter as the catapult. This time, we asked people what was wrong with marketing. Then we asked them what was right with marketing. What’s wrong with marketing? What’s right with marketing? People who answered […]

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Pivot Post 4: Fan Question from Tracy McAbe: Reverse Mentorship

Ok, back on track with a day of recovery after a 3-post extravaganza on Tuesday. I apologize for the late posting today – everyone’s full tilt rockin’ client’s worlds and all. In the introductory post for this series we linked you to the Pivot Conference agenda and asked if there were any sessions of particular […]

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Friday Coffee Bar Confessions with Justin Gammon

The word of the day… octopus

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I have been thinking a lot lately. Maybe it’s the weather. I’ve been thinking about my life. My family. And how I choose to spend my time. I have been thinking about Brains on Fire and what success really looks like for us. About how on earth can you fairly compensate such a wildly talented […]

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