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Steely Dan Cassettes, iPads, and YouTube, Oh My!

We have a great habit of speaking from the heart on this blog, and it’s actually quite freeing. There’s no pressure to create lists of new media tips to drive traffic or to mention the latest trends – Robbin wants us to digest the world around us and write honestly about what we see. And […]

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Alone together.

Okay, grab a cup of coffee, this is gonna be a long one. I have been thinking about this subject for a while now. I love this lonely cup photo from Gwenweber on Flickr. This year I joined the ranks of empty-nesters as my youngest child entered college. The house went from messy and loud […]

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What’s the Opposite of Navel-Gazing?

You’re familiar with navel-gazing, aren’t ya? When we concentrate so hard on ourselves that we begin to think we’re the center of the universe and neglect everything else around us? That’s the one. But we’re starting to see the opposite happen. Even in mid-sized companies. Employees are blogging and on Twitter. They are making their […]

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Blogging lessons

I’m really struggling for a blog post today, so instead of trying to force something, I started reflecting on this little Brains on Fire blog experiment that we started just about three and-a-half years ago. So here’s what I’ve learned about blogging: 1)    It’s hard. We try to populate our blog with relevant content Monday […]

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