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Arousal, Word of Mouth Marketing and WOMM-U

Yup. Kind of blurry iphone photo. But that’s Geno. Quick — before you read this post, drop and give me 50 push ups. Nope. I’m not kidding. I’m doing an experiment. Do your push ups, (I’ll wait.) Then keep reading! Ok. Done? Good. I’m getting excited about going to WOMM-U in May. Are you going? […]

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Stories, Sharing and Emotions

I’ve never given The Palms Restaurant much thought. I’ve passed by them in more than one city. Knew they started many years ago with the one little place in New York City. I certainly knew it was famous on some level. But this weekend I heard a heartfelt version of this little story about their […]

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Less is more.

Photo Update; The doors at Brains on Fire’s World Wide headquarters always seem so friendly and welcoming to me.. I’m a big Good to Great fan. I have to admit it’s one of the few business books beside

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Five things this year has taught me.

It’s true. I get up every day with the single minded focus to make positive meaning change in the world. What are you working for? Wow. It’s August. And I am actually booking meetings and events for September and beyond already. Good grief. Time… Well, you know. If you hang out here often, you know […]

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