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Sushi, Story and Passion.

Not exactly related to sushi, but I love this funny photo of John Moore. And he’s in the story. So good enough. “We have our sushi flown in every day from Japan. The owner’s brother goes to the fish market and picks it out every morning, ices it and ships it to us. We pick […]

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All of That (Visual) Noise, Part 2

A few articles ago, I wrote about the famed ‘noise’ that so many marketers and businesses dread. (1) Not too long after I had written the article, I noticed another type of noise as I walked down the aisle at my local grocery store: Yikes. There’s a ton of noise online, but visual noise can […]

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Arousal, Word of Mouth Marketing and WOMM-U

Yup. Kind of blurry iphone photo. But that’s Geno. Quick — before you read this post, drop and give me 50 push ups. Nope. I’m not kidding. I’m doing an experiment. Do your push ups, (I’ll wait.) Then keep reading! Ok. Done? Good. I’m getting excited about going to WOMM-U in May. Are you going? […]

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I Watched, I Purchased, My Problem was Solved

I recently remembered a story about advertising that worked wonders in introducing me to a product that I purchased and loved. Being somewhat of a music and technology nerd, I follow several blogs that keep pace with what’s happening in the industry. I can’t remember exactly where, but in browsing one of those sites a […]

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