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Are you OVER communicating?

A friend of mine just shared this photo of the snow storm in Maine. It’s a crazy storm even for folks who are used to it. Stay warm! Several years ago, I was having an conversation with someone at Brains on Fire and frankly, I was struggling with expressing my thoughts and ideas. My very […]

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Co-blogging goodness: Eric and Jamie Tackle Communication Plans that Kill

Co-bloggin’ goodness: One is a seasoned corporate marketer working for Best Buy. The other is a small-agency young-gun in a constant quest for his spurs. Both are passionate about making positive change in the industry, and they want to share their thoughts with you. Jamie Plesser and Eric Dodds are starting a monthly co-blogging series […]

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You can count on me.

Another beautiful photo borrowed from my friend Libby Williams. I have been thinking a lot about the power of language lately and the words we choose. I was talking to a friend this weekend and I as I listened I realized that he has an amazing gift for choosing words that create — almost trigger […]

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