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Passion and Curiosity.

Often, when someone finds out that I’ve co-authored a book called The Passion Conversation they say something like this: “Boy. I could use your help.” Or “I would sure like to find my passion.” If you’ve read The Passion Conversation you know it’s not a self-help book focused on finding your personal passion. It’s a […]

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Are You Talking to Your Most Intimate Customers?

It really is the intimate relationships in our lives that shape our lives. Photo of our very own Megan and her husband Mitch via Libby Williams. I am reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest book Committed. (Hey, I’m a girl and it was on sale…) The best part of the book is in the intro. There she […]

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Have you seen this?

“What is it about creative endeavors that make us really afraid for each others mental health?” — Elizabeth Gilbert This is the way to start a Monday morning. Please, do yourself a favor and take 15 or 20 minutes and watch this to the very end. Eric Whitlock, our very own “Design Wizard” sent this […]

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