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Thoughts From the Brains on Fire Community Manager Team

Last week Robbin made an interesting comment to me: “I’ll bet you and Shannon have learned so much doing community management over the last few years.” I thought for a second and responded, “You know what? We really have.” And, as happens so often around here, the ‘that would make a great blog post’ lightbulb […]

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Just a Reminder: Technology Isn’t the Answer

Sometimes I wonder if companies, hungry to ride a passing profit-wave in our increasingly technological world, have given us false impressions of just how amazing technology actually is. Let’s take a quick peek at the music industry as an example. The last decade has seen major record labels face devastating declines in sales as the […]

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The book is here! The book is here!

For the last year in addition our wonderful day jobs, we have been working overtime @brainsonfire —I mean triple time — to craft a book of lessons learned in igniting powerful, sustainable, word of mouth movements. And geez, we hope you like us enough to want to read it. So guess what? TODAY August 30, […]

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On anthropology and what you are doing for your closest fans

Who’s heard of Robin Dunbar? For those of you who haven’t, his most widely known work as an anthropologist is called “Dunbar’s Number,” which proposes that the ceiling of ‘stable interpersonal relationships’ that the average person can maintain is 150. Though his initial work studied groups of people offline, he has recently moved his research […]

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