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Vegas, Stories and Relationships.

Have to admit the newly open Cosmopolitan was very visually stimulating and the rooms were amazing. I have a confession. I hate Las Vegas. I have often called it “the armpit of America”. I hate the lack of fresh air and all the concrete and the scale of things and the crazy over the top […]

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On anthropology and what you are doing for your closest fans

Who’s heard of Robin Dunbar? For those of you who haven’t, his most widely known work as an anthropologist is called “Dunbar’s Number,” which proposes that the ceiling of ‘stable interpersonal relationships’ that the average person can maintain is 150. Though his initial work studied groups of people offline, he has recently moved his research […]

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Welcome home, indeed.

I was in NYC for business a couple of days earlier this week and had the most amazing experience. After a long day of meetings, travel and flight delays (and almost losing my iphone@!@#*) I arrived at The Greenwich Hotel. It was about 8:30pm. Now, normally when I travel to NYC I stay at one […]

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The FIRE Sessions 2008 Wrap-up

Yesterday we held our second annual FIRE Sessions in our own INNOVATE Building here in downtown Greenville. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you may remember last year’s FIRE Sessions, when none other than Brand Autopsy’s John Moore and Church of the Customer’s Jackie Huba came to facilitate conversations around our ‘Sharing […]

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