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Storytime: Trains, iPods, and Avril Lavigne

Fridays have been fun days for us lately, and we’ve wanted to share the fun with you. So today I decided to dig through my “Writings” folder and find a good story to tell you. I wandered through some old journals and found a great story about high speed trains, language barriers and an iPod […]

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Where’s My Sexy?

Following on the heels of yesterday’s post, I’d like to take a moment to discuss a sticking point ” or sometimes a point of paralyzing doubt ” for a lot of companies and their CMOs out there. It’s simply not having a sexy product or service. Or at least it’s not sexy in their minds. […]

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I Love Charlie

First things first. I will go ahead and confess that I am one of the backwards luddites who has the nerve to still listen to the radio – not even the HD radio – just the plain old radio in my car. I know. I should be shunned. Anyway, a while ago… maybe as long […]

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Just open the damn case and let me buy my Nano

After a few
minuites, the Best Buy salesperson returned and asked all of us what we
wanted. I said a Nano, the young guy said the $299 iPod. The MP3 guy then
asked, “Why an iPod?”

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