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Don’t Forget the Basics

For the last year my client work has been overwhelmingly digital. Aside from occasional on-site meetings, my day-to-day has consisted of creating content for the web and fostering online community.The content and communities have an offline end in strategy, but my role has been primarily in the digital startup phase. Over the next few months, […]

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Co-blogging Goodness Round 2: Eric and Jamie Tackle Scaling Community Online and Offline

Co-bloggin’ goodness, round 2: One is a seasoned corporate marketer working for Best Buy. The other is a small-agency young-gun in a constant quest for his spurs. Both are passionate about making positive change in the industry, and they want to share their thoughts with you. Jamie Plesser and Eric Dodds bring you the second […]

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FIRE Sessions Afternoon Recap: Live #Blogchat and Why Offline is Still Sexy

This re-cap is from Kindred Spirit Mack Collier. (Check out his blog or follow him on Twitter.) After a wonderful lunch, we headed back to the stage at the Peace Center for a Live #Blogchat.  Every time I mention to someone that we’ll be doing a Live version of #Blogchat at an event, they almost always get […]

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Boots on the Ground: Another Case for Offline

Joe Taylor seems like a pretty sharp guy. He’s on the front lines of figuring out how musicians can navigate the stormy seas of the new music landscape, and he’s written four books on the subject (1). I recently ran across a really interesting article he wrote about how crucial offline relationships are for those in the […]

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