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Brains on Fire Through the Lens

Every once in a while we like to take some shots around the office so that you can see Brains on Fire from the inside-out. Either this is post modern decoration, or we strung up an old coffee-drenched keyboard because it was more fun than throwing it away. Or maybe both. Dodds, get a haircut […]

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Thoughts From the Brains on Fire Community Manager Team

Last week Robbin made an interesting comment to me: “I’ll bet you and Shannon have learned so much doing community management over the last few years.” I thought for a second and responded, “You know what? We really have.” And, as happens so often around here, the ‘that would make a great blog post’ lightbulb […]

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From Shannon: Technological enlightenment (and a side of fries)

This post is from our very own Fiskateer-community-heroine, Shannon Kohn. Not only does she have a great singing voice (she performed David Bowie at the FIRE Sessions), killer sense of humor (how many times have we started the day off by searching YouTube for Joe Dirt and Tommy Boy clips?), but she can write too! […]

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Picture Blog: Brains on Fire Through Intern Eyes

So, we shed a tear when we said goodbye to our last intern, Elizabeth (she was really, really awesome), but we’ve saddled-up a new young-gun and we’re excited that he’s gonna be around this fall. His name is Zach Suggs, and he hails from the mountains of North Carolina. He did a short stint in […]

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