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The Retooling of Retailing: How social networks are changing the consumer/retailer relationship

Here’s the thing: I don’t like malls. Call me germaphobic (or perhaps I’ve just seen one too many apocalyptic pandemic films for my own good), but being trapped indoors with a crowd breathing recycled air makes me feel like I’m a hop, skip and a viral cell away from the flu du jour. And while […]

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On anthropology and what you are doing for your closest fans

Who’s heard of Robin Dunbar? For those of you who haven’t, his most widely known work as an anthropologist is called “Dunbar’s Number,” which proposes that the ceiling of ‘stable interpersonal relationships’ that the average person can maintain is 150. Though his initial work studied groups of people offline, he has recently moved his research […]

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Humans 1.0

You and I are humans 1.0. And don’t you ever forget it. You are person. Your employees are people. Your fans and customers are living, breathing, feeling, emotional people. Humans. Flesh and blood. Who laugh and cry and have good days and bad days. Who throw tantrums and learn from their (and your) mistakes. And […]

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Social networks are not what you think they are

There’s a fascinating report that came out this month (thanks Eric Dodds) by Noshir Contractor, the Jane S. and William J. White Professor of Behavioral Sciences at the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science at Northwestern University. Contractor and his collaborators are studying nearly 60 terabytes of data from EverQuest II and interviewed 7,000 […]

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