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FIRE Sessions Afternoon Recap: Live #Blogchat and Why Offline is Still Sexy

This re-cap is from Kindred Spirit Mack Collier. (Check out his blog or follow him on Twitter.) After a wonderful lunch, we headed back to the stage at the Peace Center for a Live #Blogchat.  Every time I mention to someone that we’ll be doing a Live version of #Blogchat at an event, they almost always get […]

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Twitter, and staring out the Rear Window.

Warning. I am going to talk about Twitter and an old classic movie in the same post. Yup. I have developed a recent fascination with the movie Rear Window. Grace Kelly’s clothes alone are enough reason I suppose. Clothing aside, I’m fascinated with this movie on so many levels. Maybe it’s the simplicity of an […]

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Who’s Problem?

Recently I decided to take a little drink out of the fire hose of Tweets that show up on @BrainsOnFire’s timeline (1). Aside from still not understanding how anyone who has an actual job finds utility in following thousands of people (not counting those who’s job is using Twitter), I noticed several interesting posts about […]

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The Twitter Bird is Dead: An Anecdotal Tale from the Firesphere

As the newbie at Brains on Fire, one of the questions I am most often asked these days is “What is like to work in the Firesphere?” And while there are many (delightful) adjectives I could use to describe my hours and days at 148 River Street, as a writer, I prefer to paint my […]

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